We provide our clients superior quality White Calcite, which is an excellent Water Treatment media. It is found naturally as calcium carbonate, and is widely used for its self-limiting property. On proper application, it does not correct the pH under normal conditions, but rectifies it just so that non-corrosive equilibrium may be reached. In the typical plumbing systems, copper, lead and other metals are found, therefore, by adding Calcite the calcium carbonate present in the acidic water is slowly dissolved which reduces the potential leaching.

In order to maintain the high service rates, stop occurrence of packing and reclassifying the bed, periodic back-washing is required. Since, Calcite gets gradually depleted therefore, depending on pH value, the state of the water chemistry and the service flow, it has to be sporadically replenished. But, use of Calcite increases the hardness as calcium carbonate neutralizes the water therefore, after the neutralizing filter process the use of softener becomes necessary.