Water Treatment and Filtration Plants for Domestic and Industrial use in India

Commercial Pure Water Plants / R.O. Plants

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Commercial Offices/Buildings, Small Scale Industries, Housing Socities, Hospitals & Clinics, Nursery Homes, Gyms, School & Colleges, Guest Houses, Hotels and Restaurants etc.

Salient Features

• Cabinet enclosed 6 Stage commercial purification RO System
• Purification by RO+UV
• Removes dissolved impurities, viruses, bacteria from water
• High performance and durable
• Highly effective but low maintenance
• Large amounts of water are processed daily
• Dry run safety feature with low pressure switch
• Suitable for single phase operation
• Feed water inlet solenoid valve
• Pressurized tank pressure gauge
• Treats raw water and make them ideal for use


Input Volatge : 220V AC , 50Hz
Minimum Operation Pressure: 0.3 kg/cm2
Maximum Operation Pressure: 3.0 kg/cm2
TDS Reduction: 90-95%
Capacities Available: 200GPD & 400GPD