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Pearl-Non Electric Gravity UF (Ultra Filtration) Water Purifier

Pearl-Non Electric Gravity UF (Ultra Filtration) Water Purifier

Drink Pure Non-electric purifiers uses Ultra Filtration Membrane (UF) for purification which provides pure water without using electricity, and harmful chemicals. It provides assured safe drinking water with minimum maintenance cost. It is the most economical and efficient range of purifiers.

Salient Features

• Gravity Based UF (Ultra Filtration) Storage Water Purifier
• Suitable for Low TDS Water
• 3 Stage Advance Purification Process
• High Quality Dispenser Tap
• Storage Capacity (Crystal) : 24 Ltr.
• Storage Capacity (Pearl) : 16 Ltr.

Ceramic Filter

Removes fine and coarse particulate impurities / dirt and improves life of carbon filter & RO membrane.

Activated Carbon Filter

Removes chlorine, organic impurities, harmful pesticides. It adsorbs bad taste and odour causing organic compounds from water.

UF Membrane

Ultra Filtration (UF) membrane removes impurities, bacteria, macro molecules, larger viruses and allows only useful minerals, salts to pass through.


- Residences / Guest Houses
- Shops / Offices / Shopping Center
- Factories / Small Scale Industries
- Hospitals / Clinics / Nursery Homes
- Gymnasium / Health Centers
- School / Colleges / Universities
- Hotels / Restaurants / Café
- NGO’s / Institutions
- Defense / Armed Forces