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ZIP (Zero Installation Purifier)

ZIP (Zero Installation Purifier)


• Suitable for all sources of water
• 100% chemical free water purification
• Different technologies to treat different water conditions across the country
• Turns hard water of high TDS into soft and sweet water
• Makes bottle water quality at home
• Converts the acidic nature of water to Alkaline
• Huge savings of Naira 15 per litre cost as compared to Bottled water
• Filtration system ensures the balance intake of useful minerals & salts in human body
• Durable and requires less maintenance
• Removes the headache of carrying heavy refill bottles for frequent refilling & most importantly
• Surety of receiving the purest form of water infront of your own eyes

Salient Features

• ZIP (Zero Installation Purifier) is a 3 stage RO purification system followed by Micron filtration & activated carbon.
• No external water connections is required.
• Easy to install, operate and clean.
• No water waste. All water can be used.
• Compact innovative design.
• Provides high quality water.
• Low maintenance costs.

Sediment Filter

Removes fine and coarse particulate impurities / dirt and improves life of RO membrane.

Activated Carbon Filter

Removes chlorine, organic impurities, harmful pesticides. It adsorbs bad taste and odour causing organic compounds from water.

UF Membrane

Ultra Filtration (UF) membrane removes impurities, bacteria, macro molecules, larger viruses and allows only useful minerals, salts to pass through.

UV Chamber

Ultraviolet further inactivates bacteria, virus and parasites to deliver safe water.


- Residences / Guest Houses
- Shops / Offices / Shopping Center
- Factories / Small Scale Industries
- Hospitals / Clinics / Nursery Homes
- Gymnasium / Health Centers
- School / Colleges / Universities
- Hotels / Restaurants / Café
- NGO’s / Institutions
- Defense / Armed Forces